Why use Fullscript?

When it comes to supplements, quality & sourcing is key. This is why I do not recommend buying supplements from just any place online. The supplements sold through Fullscript are:

  1. Quality-assured
  2. Free from fillers
  3. Stored & shipped with appropriate temperature regulation protocols
  4. Guaranteed to be non-counterfeit

If you are interested in purchasing high-quality, practitioner-grade supplements with a special discount off retail pricing from brands that I personally trust, click on the link below:

Disclaimer: Please note that this is an affiliate link. When you purchase through the Dr. Stoychev’s Fullscript dispensary, you receive a discount from retail prices and Dr. Stoychev will receive a small commission. We thank you for your support! At no time is any patient required to purchase supplements from Fullscript. Your quality of care at Dr. Stoychev: Naturopathic Mental Health will not be affected by your decision on where to purchase products.

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